25 Jobs Employing the Most Immigrants in America

25 Jobs Employing the Most Immigrants in America

Immigration and policy concerning immigrants has never been a hotter topic in the United States. While there are reasons to be concerned about immigration, it’s largely a net positive for the American economy. But that doesn’t dispel the concern many Americans feel as it relates to jobs and national security.

So the question then is: Is immigration really a threat to your job? Unless your employer is working the H1-B visa system over, or looking to pay below legal wages by hiring undocumented workers, it’s probably not. Still, it’s an issue that needs to be discussed and addressed.

When it comes down to the subject of what jobs and occupations are attracting the most immigrants, some are obviously more saturated than others. Typically, newcomers (especially undocumented workers) gravitate toward low-wage, unskilled labor. This can stem from a lack of skills, education, or experience, as well as language barriers or fear of deportation, among other factors. But educated, experienced, and driven people are coming to the U.S. as well, making jobs all across the economy more competitive. Ultimately, this benefits us and the job market. Though, in the short term, it can also make people fear for the jobs they do have.
Immigrants and the most popular jobs


A new report from Indeed outlines which sectors and jobs contain the highest share of immigrant workers. That is, the industries in which the highest percentage of employees are foreign-born.

“To identify these jobs, we used the Census’s American Community Survey (ACS), which asks respondents about their employment status, occupation, birthplace, and citizenship, among many other topics. We analyzed the data for all immigrants in the U.S., and then focused on those who have been in the country less than five years,” the report said.”

And interestingly enough, there’s this little tidbit: “The punchline is that compared with earlier immigrants, recent immigrants are more educated, more likely to come from Asia rather than Latin America, and less likely to work in occupations where they might compete directly with the native-born workers who were most supportive of Trump.”

Based on our findings from Indeed’s report, here are the 25 jobs currently employing the most foreign-born workers.

25. Military
24. Protective service
23. Legal
22. Community and social service
21. Education
20. Office and administrative work
19. Business operations
18. Extraction
17. Art, media, and sports
16. Management
15. Sales
14. Maintenance
13. Finance
12. Health care practitioners
11. Architecture and engineering
10. Transportation
9. Health care support
8. Personal care and service
7. Life, physical, and social sciences
6. Food and beverage
5. Production
4. Computing and mathematics
3. Construction
2. Building and maintenance
1. Farming, fishing, forestry

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