Beef Over! Nasty C Adds A-Reece To #IvysonTour

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Beef Over! Nasty C Adds A-Reece To #IvysonTour :It’s about to be a heated summer this year and not because of the weather, but rather due to the fact that we are finally getting the long anticipated collaboration between A-Reece and Nasty C.

The two artists have long been dealing with fans either comparing them or requesting a song from both of them these past years. The two have finally decided to give the fans what they want and not only are they going to be sharing a stage for Nasty C’s upcoming Ivyson Tour but will be working on some music together.

After requesting A-Reece to be part of the tour over twitter this past weekend, Nasty C announced last night that he would also be recording some music and once done will be sending it over to Baby Boy.

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