King Monada – Malwedhe

King Monada – Malwedhe :King Monada has the whole country falling in the name of dance, Fainting has never been so crazy that it en vogue. It’s all thanks to Bolobedu dance superstar and his latest hit “Malwedhe” that we don’t look at fainting the same way.

Malwedhe (which loosely translates to fainting in Khelobhedu) is about how fainting can be caused by matters of the heart. Not only does the beat go in, the lyrics instruct the listener on what exactly needs to be done to dance to the song. And just like that, Monada has whipped the nation into a frenzy if not a trance of going unconscious in the name of dance.


In the mid-tempo song he sings: I have an illness. When you date me, don’t play about dumping me. I am susceptible / likely to faint. If you cheat, I will faint. If you don’t give me money, I will faint. If you don’t come home, I will faint. If you switch off your phone, I faint.

The song has since blown up and whether you hear the lyrics or not, the beat won’t let you just sit through it. You know a song has been certified a December jam when there’s a challenge for it and the spoof videos of #MalwedheChallenge have not only seen people throw themselves to the ground at all kinds of places, but it has gotten a few in trouble with authorities as well.

However, despite all the potential danger it packs, its popularity is on the rise.

DOWNLOAD: King Monada – Malwedhe

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