Vince Staples ft Ty Dolla Sign – Feels Like Summer

Vince Staples ft Ty Dolla Sign – Feels Like Summer :The main conceit behind Vince Staples incorporating running commentary from Big Boy’s Neighbourhood was to give the FM! a distinct LA radio feel. The album’s opening number begins with Big Boy talking up the summer tingle Californians feel 6 months out of the year.


As Vince Staples contends, “cold weather won’t stop no gunner.” After being pigeon-holed a thinking man’s rapper, Vince Staples proved he could make the prototypical summer record better than anybody. What better way to put such an effort forward, than on duet with Ty Dolla $ign, a singer/rapper who’s made the sensation of summer his main selling point.

A good number of the skits on FM! are going to leave Staples’ fans in stitches, wanting more. Even songs like “Feel Like Summer” are painstakingly short, so as to convey the curtness of broadband radio. DJs are often encouraged to do without “closing medleys” so they can keep their spiel going at a 2-minute ratio.

How do you feel about “Feels Like Summer” and the rest of the FM! concept?

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